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Forest in Danger

Construction Development Applications lodged
for massive unit blocks

Just before Christmas 2021, Mirvac lodged three Development Applications consisting of 120 documents. ForestinDanger thinks that is hugely disrespectful to the community who just want to spend time with their family and friends, many of whom they haven't seen for months because of COVID. No one wants to spend their holidays reading thousands of pages of Mirvac spin. Mirvac could have waited another month but instead lodged their applications for the time that everyone is on holidays. Another prime example of Mirvac building "trust" with the community?


Mirvac's earlier proposals for 9 storey unit blocks were repeatedly refused by the Hills Shire Council and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The Department eventually approved 6 storey unit blocks yet here we are again with Mirvac yet again proposing 9 storey units. They don't take NO for an answer do they? Even the three storey houses exceed the approved height limit by over 40% in some areas.


And yet again, Mirvac wants to clear even more of our precious critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest and Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest.

Every tree they fell,

Every animal they annihilate,

Every over-height monstrosity they build,

The public will continue to pass judgement on Mirvac.

However do not be discouraged. It was YOUR efforts and persistence that ensured almost 10ha of the site will be permanently protected. It was YOU the community that forced positive changes to the State Government rezoning. It was YOU the community that forced Mirvac to accept a maximum of 22m height, which Mirvac now again wants to exceed.



YOUR VOICES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. So please do make a submission.​​



SEPTEMBER 2021: The Hills Local Planning Panel approved demolition of the award winning former IBM campus buildings, clearing of 1.85ha of Blue Gum High Forest and felling of 1,253 trees. Hills Shire Council recommended that just 60 trees be planted to replace those trees and the Planning Panel shockingly agreed.

JUNE 2020: The NSW Department of Planning approved the rezoning of 55 Coonara Ave from Business Park to residential. This is despite thousands of objections from the community and rejection of the rezoning by The Hills and Hornsby Councils. Approval was granted by the NSW Government to build 400 apartments and 200 medium density houses on a site in West Pennant Hills. The site contains 28 hectares of heavily forested land and the award winning IBM buildings, adjoining the Cumberland State Forest.


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