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Subject: Objection to IBM/Mirvac demolition DA 585/2021/HC


I object to the demolition of the award winning IBM buildings. Knocking down perfectly good buildings is not acceptable. They could and should be repurposed.

That being said, Council's recommendation to the Local Planning Panel must be that:


  • The Demolition DA as proposed must be recommended for refusal by Council.


  • The Forest regrowth within the demolition footprint must not be cleared.


  • All works must avoid any impacts on regrowth Blue Gum High Forest and Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest species within the demolition footprint.


  • 450+ of the trees Mirvac wants to fell are regrowth BGHR and STIF, they were NOT planted by IBM as Mirvac claims. This regrowth Forest forms part of the site's critically endangered ecological communities and must not be cleared.


  • These 450+ trees must be retained and buildings designed around them. Clear-felling critically endangered ecological communities within the demolition site is environmentally irresponsible and unacceptable.


  • The colony of endangered Dural Land Snails must not be removed or relocated.


  • The demolition works must be referred to the Federal Environment Minister for consideration under the EPBC Act.


  • The subdivision and dedication of the Forest area must be finalised NOW.


  • Written guarantees must be provided that works will not be undertaken within 100 metres of any Powerful Owl nest tree during the breeding season if the nest tree is used by the Powerful Owls.


  • Appropriately licensed wildlife spotters/catchers must be engaged prior to and during any vegetation removal and demolition. All native wildlife, including any wildlife living under the buildings, are to be relocated into the E2 area at an appropriate distance from the demolition site.


  • Protocols for working in close association with wildlife and managing injured wildlife must be provided prior to DA assessment.


  • Protocols for preventing the spread of pests and fungal disease must be provided prior to DA approval. Myrtle Rust in particular impacts on Myrtaceae species, which includes eucalypts. It has the potential to decimate the critically endangered remnant Forest on the site if adequate precautions are not taken.


  • Unexpected finds protocols for Aboriginal artefacts and other heritage artefacts must be provided prior to DA assessment.


  • No demolition or construction work should be done on Saturday afternoons. The Environmental Protection Authority recommends standard hours of work are Monday to Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-1pm and no work on Sundays or public holidays. The EPA advises noise from construction works on a Saturday afternoon can annoy most residents by interrupting leisure activities. Residents should not be subjected to longer work hours than recommended by the EPA.


  • The out of hours 'Noise Management Trigger Level' for adjacent properties will be exceeded by noise from the excavators. Noise reduction methods must be implemented at the outset of demolition works, not only after complaints are made. The proposed one hour period of respite in the afternoon will not compensate for the noise levels, particularly as a high proportion of residents are working and entertaining at home due to COVID-19.


  • Protocols for use of dust suppression mist units must be provided. Hoardings with 6 metre high shade cloth must surround the site to help prevent dust egress.


  • Dilapidation reports must be provided for all neighbouring impacted properties ("Residential Receivers") at the start and finish of demolition works. This is essential as the Demolition Noise and Vibration Management Plan states "It is impossible to predict the vibrations induced by the excavation operations on site at potentially affected receivers". Vibration could impact on the foundations of the houses.

  • The guarantees and protocols must be exhibited for public comment prior to any development assessment as further information requested by Hills Shire Council. They should not recommended as Deferred Commencement Conditions when the public can no longer make comment.



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