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Subject: IBM/Mirvac Forest must NOT be approved

NSW Govt should not have agreed to fast track assessment of the IBM/Mirvac Forest. 4,000 said no to this project; Hills Council said no; Hornsby Council said no; OEH didn't support it; Dept of EES don't support it. What happened to democracy and expert advice?


This proposal does not meet Priority Project Criteria

  • Creates 300 jobs to construct but destroys 2000 jobs as an employment precinct. No post construction jobs

  • Ecology, bushfire and flooding constraints can't be resolved within 6 months

  • Clearing would occur in Blue Gum High Forest Saving Our Species Site

  • Clearing of Cumberland State Forest and riparian zones for bushfire protection

  • Forest is safer as a National Park not annexed to CSF

  • The Powerful Owl Threatened Species habitat will be cleared

  • Adequate housing supply is provided by Cherrybrook Station precinct

  • No social or affordable housing provided

  • No state or regional infrastructure offered, just plastic grass & council owned street

  • Does not meet GSC regional or district plans

  • Too far from public transport





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This proposal does NOT meet the Priority Project Criteria for Fast Track assessment:


  • It might create 300 jobs during construction but will have no post construction jobs, while it will destroy an employment precinct capable of carrying 2000 jobs into the future. Do not destroy this employment zone.

  • Mirvac refused to resolve the ecological, bushfire and flooding constraints by amending its design. Now they have got new reports done that the public will never see, so residents can't call identify WRONG information.

  • The WHOLE site is a NSW Government Blue Gum High Forest Saving Our Species Priority Management Site that's supposed to ensure preservation of BGHF for the next 100 years. Mirvac doesn't seem to care, it's going to clear swathes of it anyway. It seems NSW Treasury and Planning don't care either.

  • Mirvac's last reports identified the BGHF they want to clear-fell as just being "canopy trees". How can the public trust that their new reports don't contain more misinformation?

  • Mirvac hasn't told anyone yet and no doubt it won't tell Dept of Planning that with the current design as well as riparian zones near creeks for bushfire protection.

  • The known Powerful Owl Threatened Species breeding and foraging habitat will be bulldozed. Mirvac's last reports couldn't find the Owls. Yet the Owls are breeding this year.

  • Donating land to the Cumberland State Forest is just a cheapskate way out for Mirvac. It's not even going to provide a Voluntary Planning Agreement to fund maintenance. CSF has always said it couldn't afford to look after more Forest. Politicians said it would be a National Park instead of State Forest, yet another letdown.

  • West Pennant Hills doesn't need more units or medium density, there's a adequate housing supply being provided by the Cherrybrook Station precinct. All the nearby unit developments including Toplace were recently refused weren't they?

  • Mirvac is supplying no social or affordable housing. What housing is "affordable" in WPH? $1million units?

  • No state or regional infrastructure has been offered, just plastic grass and a street, both of which Council will have to maintain into the future. A cost to the community, not a benefit.

  • This proposal does not meet GSC regional or district plans. An employment zone is needed for the station.

  • It's too far from public transport to be considered as being walkable.


Please either phone, write direct or use our updated auto-email to point out these issues to the politicians that are going to decide the fate of the Forest and YOUR future.

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott (02) 9686 3110                    baulkhamhills@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Planning Minister Rob Stokes (02) 8574 6707                                      office@stokes.minister.nsw.gov.au


Premier Gladys Berejiklian (02) 8574 5000                                          willoughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au

​​Treasurer Dominic Perrottet (02) 8574 6900                                         office@perrottet.minister.nsw.gov.au

Environment Minister Matt Kean (02) 8574 6150                                 office@kean.minister.nsw.gov.au

Baulkham Hills Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne                                             mayor@thehills.nsw.gov.au

Opposition Leader Jodi McKay (02) 9747 1771                                  strathfield@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Shadow Minister for Planning Adam Searle (02) 9230 2160               adam.searle@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Greens Spokesperson for Planning Jamie Parker (02) 9230 2803      balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Greens Spokesperson for Environment (02) 9230 3771                       cate.faehrmann@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Department of Planning Deputy Secretary Marcus Ray                       marcus.ray@planning.nsw.gov.au


Department of Planning Executive Director Catherine Van Laeren     Catherine.VanLaren@planning.nsw.gov.au


Department of Planning Executive Director William Power                   william.power@planning.nsw.gov.au


And copy us in on                                                                                   forestindanger001@gmail.com