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Object to the construction DAs

Please click on the words "Objection to DAs 859,860,861/2022/JP" below to send an email lodging your objection to these development applications.

If you are using Outlook or another Microsoft Email Client then you may need to enable the option to allow commas as email address separators as well as semicolons. Iphone users may need to press and hold the "Make an Objection" link for 2-3 seconds before an email option appears. The default Iphone email app needs to be enabled.

If you are having difficulty with the auto-email please copy and paste the recipients email addresses and the text below into your normal email. Don't forget to include your own individual comments to make your submission really count.

Copy of the email to be sent

Subject: OBJECTION to 3 x Development Applications for 55 Coonara Ave, West Pennant Hills


Text:  Objection to Mirvac Concept Plan (DA/860/2022/JP), Units (DA/861/2022/JP), Southern Housing (DA/859/2022/JP)


These Development Applications must be refused because:


  • The 9 storey unit blocks must not be approved as they exceed the approved 6 storey limit.


  • The 3 storey houses must not be approved as they exceed the approved height limit by up to 40%.


  • There can be no guarantee that Mirvac won't put additional unit blocks in the R4 high density zone in the future.


  • The units will tower over the Forest and be seen from large areas of the West Pennant Hills Valley and Cumberland State Forest creating a detrimental visual impact.


  •  Blue Gum High Forest and Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest would be impacted. Development consent cannot be granted to proposals which impact on Serious and Irreversible Impact entities


  • The unit blocks will increase the impact of overshadowing and loss of privacy on adjoining properties, open space areas, and proposed housing.


  • It is unacceptable to build bigger tower blocks on the highest part of the area designated for units.


  • There is no affordable housing. Eliminating the studio apartments, reducing the number of one bedroom apartments then including four bedroom units top floor penthouses might be more profitable but it makes the dwellings even less affordable for Hills Shire residents.


  • The unit blocks have up to six times the approved footprints which will produce an unprecedented and unnecessary bulk and scale.


  • Increasing the height of the tower blocks to 27 metres is not in character with the surrounding low density residential area and adjacent E2 zoning.


  • There must be no increase in the number of houses behind the adjoining Glade residential area.


  • It is inappropriate to have the terraces' back yards facing Coonara Ave. No one wants to play, relax or entertain in full view of the road and drivers don't want to see washing lines, storage, equipment, barbeques, trampolines either.


  • The whole of the E2 area, apart from the current multi-storey carpark, must be dedicated to the Cumberland State Forest as a Condition of Consent for these DAs, not as part of any future approval. The Forest is not a bargaining tool.


  • The non-locally indigenous landscaping is inappropriate. BGHF species must be used.


  • Deep soil area must be increased from the minimum 15% recommended in the Draft Design and Place SEPP which can be considered by councils in DA assessments.


  • The Community Title must have a covenant that prevents site residents from removing trees newly planted by Mirvac in their gardens.


  • These DAs are not in the public interest and must be refused.



(please include your name and, if comfortable doing so, your address)

Send to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The DA documents can be viewed at:


However Hills Council website regularly won't hold the link. If that happens, follow the steps below instead:; Building and Planning; Application Tracking; Development Applications; Address; 55 Coonara Ave West Pennant Hills; Page 2 of 2. 


There's three DAs all on exhibition together - 859/2022/JP (the 'southern' houses), 860/2022/JP (the overall Concept Plan), 861/2022/JP (the unit blocks). Please indicate on your submission which DA your submission refers to or that it refers to all of them together.

Disclaimer:  The opinions whether written or expressed by any individual are not necessarily the opinions of ForestinDanger

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